AlcoTrack is a Blood Alcohol Calculator App for Android. It is easy to use yet feature-rich, including charts, detailed stats, presets etc.

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Uses the scientifically established Watson formular!

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Track your overall alcohol consumption!


Take many individual factors like age, gender, height and weight into account!


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  • Best blood-alcohol calculator I've seen so far. It takes into account variables such as how much food in the stomach, rate of metabolism, etc.
  • Seldom needed, but really useful - Especially those who drink not regularly have little feeling of their alcohol level. It's good to know when you will be sober again, so you can plan your drinking in advance. The effect of every drink can be seen in advance.
  • Very useful. I use this all the time when I'm out with my friends!
  • What more do you want? Seemingly accurate, easy to use and well researched well done devs 10/10